mardi 21 septembre 2010

Personal Note

I am here in front of my computer . I can neither continue my work nor sleep. I am just thinking of you , thinking of me , thinking of us. I am remembering every single moment we have spent together. I am remembering  every single moment we were forced to be separated  from each other . Well , I just remembered Mariah Carry 's song 'My All' lyrics :

I 'm thinking of you in my sleepless solitude tonight . If it's wrong to love you . Then my heart just won't    let me be right . Cause I 'm drowned in you. And I won't pull through . Without you by my side .

Well,  you are so far right now. Four hundred kilometers separate us. And ' I'd give my All to have just one more night with you ' . May be in three days , we will be forced to be separated for 22 months , for about 2 years. 

These thoughts are just torturing me ,  killing me ...

5 commentaires:

  1. I'm sorry for you sweet Leena... Just try to forget how far he will be. Days will pass and everything will gonna be alright :)

  2. Thanks Kais . Knowing that the one you love might be jailed for a crime he never committed is too hard.

  3. We must accept the destiny. Be strong Leena, you don't deserve what happens to both of you but it's the crual life that we live...

  4. I would say : it is the price of our SILENCE

  5. "I can't either continue my work or sleep"
    "I can neither continue my work nor sleep"

    (I think those are the correct forms. You can still check)

    Very touching regardless.
    Hold on and keep up the struggle brave fellows...


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