mercredi 24 août 2011

Bahrain:By Our silence we also incur a share in the guilt

After the ousting of the Tunisian Ben Ali, a series of uprisings started in the Arab world. In Egypt, the uprising had been successful and Mubarak was dethroned. In Yemen, Syria and Libya the revolt movements are going on. The outrage against dictators spread across the Arab world until it reached the Gulf shores. Bahrainis inspired by the Tunisian and Egyptian “Revolutions” decided to say no to dictatorship.

In this small country, a majority of Shia Muslims is unfairly ruled by a family from the Sunni minority.  People fed up with inequality, oppression and sectarian discrimination decided to protest for their basic rights. Since Monday, February 14th, 2011, peaceful protests started in Bahrain. For a while, we heard about these demonstrations and sit-ins around the Pearl roundabout. Not surprisingly, this protest movement has been savagely repressed by the Bahraini regime helped by guess whom?  The country of dictatorship and the welcoming land for dictators: Saudi Arabia.  On Thursday, February 17th, 2011 security forces started a surprising attack on the peaceful demonstrators at the Pearl Square in the early morning hours.  Several people were killed and others were badly injured. Furthermore, many protestors were arrested and brutally tortured. As it is the practice in the Arab countries, local media hided the truth and started telling lies and spreading rumors. In the beginning international media evoked what happened but shortly the Bahraini massacre has been forgotten.

Today sectarian cleansing is going on. Bahraini regime is carrying on his oppression campaign. Several people are arrested and detained just because of the publication of pictures showing them at the Pearl Square on Facebook. A number of persons are missing. The world is silent.

By Our silence we also incur a share in the guilt. This is why we have to support Bahrainis in their quest for freedom. 

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  1. c'est la dictature de milles poids de mesures et non pas seulement deux poids de mesure..habib

  2. Well, I'm surprised that the enlightened (and now FREE) Tunisians & Egyptians didn't see the hypocrisy of NATO & its 'rebels' bombing the hell out of Libya for it's OIL & frozen billion$. WHERE was the outrage??
    It's too bad Tunisia & Egypt didn't intervene in the conflict and tell the West/NATO to keep out since they DID NOT help in removing their puppets (Bin Ali, Mubarak) when snipers were killing hundreds of innocent demonstrators.

    Libya, Egypt & Tunisia should have formed a new union of cooperation where Libya finances economic development between the 3 nations in order to improve the region's economic outlook. Now you have NATO controlling Libya's oil & reforms seem to be moving very slow in both Egypt & Tunisia.

  3. I am sorry for commenting this OLD topic, but I have just started reading this wonderful blog just a few days ago and this topic had just in a way or in another attracted me.

    I am a Bahraini (the correct arabic word is Bahrani) student in France. I would like to thank you for mentioning Bahrain and for trying to give (or remeber) the World an idea about what happened and what is happening in Bahrain.

    To explain the current situation in Bahrain in just few words,
    1- jail for at least 15 years for political activists or anybody who participated in any kind of manifestation even doctors who tried to save lives during the Saudi Arabia military intervention.
    2- Fired from work for anyone who has participated in the General Strike on March
    3- Daily (really daily) shots in many regions, just to silence people from shouting "Down Hamad", as you know Hamad is the King of Bahrain.

    In any way, thanks a lot for this article. I really hope the best for Tunisien People...

    Mohamed Sabt


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