samedi 22 octobre 2011

Urgent: What about the wounded of the revolution ?

The majority of the wounded of the revolution were ignored by the transitional government and the political parties. Their situation is very bad , no is horrible. This is why they decided to go on hunger strike which started on Wednesday, October 19th  to ask for their right to be treated. These people are the ones who did this revolution. These wounded are the ones who allowed Tunisians to be free . They are the ones who allowed the leaders of political parties  to have access to those elections. 

The hospitals refused to admit them freely, which is their right . Yes it is their right as they are the ones who made us free. They are our heroes and we should take care of them . 

Today, the wounded of the revolution entered in a  savage hunger strike . They even stopped drinking water. Again all they need is treatment and it is their right. 

So please let's act for them .I am begging the transitional government and the leaders of the political parties to act for them. They are Tunisian citizens it is our duty to take care of them . Again all what they need is treatment! 

Photos, videos  and more details will be provided later.

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  1. Indeed we lost the right way. Not taking care of the people who suffered in the front line of this revolt is a clear proof that fight is still to come. Forgetting these persons is forgertting the real reasons which led to the revolt: we've not at the moment the right politicians that many of us deserve. I sometimes think this revolt was a pure hasard and it's for sure the case when I see the pics you provided. The behaviour of current leaders is not fitting the reality, Nahdha is fully using this to further expand and put an end to any ambition for freedom.


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