samedi 15 septembre 2012

Some Thoughts about the US Embassy Incidents

Tonight, I feel bad for my country. But also for the entire region, for the Arab world, the Muslim world ... For humanity. I do not understand this resentment and hatred coming from all sides. I do not understand these wars, and all these interventions here and there.

I do not understand  this killing silence as to the denial of the right to free movement. A denial that  forces young Africans to risk their lives in those death rafts. I do not understand that torture is still practiced in my country. I can not admit or accept the attacks on the first of the freedoms we have secured thanks to the sacrifices of our martyrs and wounded: the freedom of opinion and expression.

Today we experienced a tragic day, two / three -two different numbers given by the Minister of the Interior and  his spokesman- Tunisians have lost their lives while they were trying to break into the American Embassy in Tunis in what they thought to be an action to defend Islam and our Prophet. This happened as a reaction to  the dissemination of an "anti-Islam" movie. 

Personally, I can't talk about the movie itself. I did not watch it.  I cannot  make comments neither on its content nor on its artistic and technical quality.

I understand that young people feel annoyed, attacked and harmed in their sacred, but I do not understand at all those who push them to react violently in a country where peaceful youth overthrew a dictatorI am doing my best to understand those who get excited because of a movie or a book. Moreover I think that the response to a movie should be a movie, a deep criticism or a peaceful, well-organized demonstration. 

The USA Embassy's incidents are beyond my imagination and apprehension.  What happened worries me.  Many questions hit my mind after what happened:

-Who is  the manipulator  standing behind these events occurring on an  international scale?-Who are  his allies / collaborators across the region in general and   in our country in particular?I do not understand at all why are some parties and occult forces initiating, from time to time,  provocative actions despite  knowing in advance that they are going to put some countries on fire. I do not understand who is behind the manipulation of the masses. Who pushes them to react violently? Nevertheless,  I have a feeling that those behind the alibi and those behind the reaction are the same. 

Furthermore I am astonished at the passivity and incapacity of the security forces to control the situation despite their awareness of the possibility of such events in advance. Why didn't they cut off the access to the area ? How did they let excited and angrypeople reach  the walls of the embassy and  climb them  so easily?We have already seen these same forces act with promptness and rigidity against people who wanted to celebrate the memory of the martyrs on April 9th, 2012. They have been very efficient against strikers  and  protesters in Sidi Bouzid, the Hencha, Kebili, and many other areas of the country. why did they fail in stopping the angry masses? 
There are probably thousands of questions to be raised. Personally, I am convinced that these incidents are neither spontaneous nor an action that is the natural reaction of  disappointed people hurt  in their  self-esteem.However, I still have confidence in our youth. I strongly believe that we will succeed in defending and  expressing ourselves peacefully. I hope that the forces of peace and progress around the world will succeed in stopping the evil campaigns causing  hatred
and wars.

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  1. Christians and Jews have been murdered since muhammed lived on earth
    and this sannng can not say when it demeans muhammed and people get upset when the mad and violent
    this can only mean one thing Muslims can tolerate no criticism even when the criticism is based on facts

    1. what u say anders ljungberg is simply ridiculous or may be u never heard about crusades or hitler, get ur facts, and please stop being hateful, coz u're not less hateful than those who did these acts to US embassies!

    2. All religions have blood in their hands but that is radicalism! So let's not fed it please.

  2. Entered Tunisia in Hurricane Islamists

  3. Hello Lina. Is a wonderful article and I'm agree at 100%!

  4. It's a tragedy.

    Some rightwing nutjob is of the opinion that islam is a violent and intolerantr eligion, so he sets out to "prove" it by creating a movie.

    The technical and artistic qualities of the film are bad, it's on the lever you would expect from 14-year-olds making a school-project, and not on the level you'd expect in a professional movie.

    The movie is unable to hurt Islam. It's ridicolous. If nobody had flipped out about it, all it would amount to would be: "intolerant assholes publishes bad movie, the
    world ignores him."

    A tiny minority of extremists have a fit about it. Even a peaceful protest is more attention than these film-makers deserve, but they get more than that. They get cars
    on fire. They get rocks thrown at the police. They get stormed embassies. They get killings.

    These reactions, hurt Islam.

    From the perspective of the film-makers this is an astounding success ! They set out to "prove" that islam is violent and intolerant. And now they feel that their "proof" is valid. They can stand triumphant and say: "See ? Muslims flip out with violence and killings over the slightest provocation, just like I said!"

    That too, is a lie offcourse. Reality is that 99.9% of muslims react sensibly, that is they offer critique, they may even attend some demonstration, if they think the issue is even worth it. In short, they do their best to prove that the picture of Islam that this movie attempts to draw, is a false one.

    Of course, those of us lucky enough to have friends who are muslims, have known that for a long time. I'm an atheist myself, and my muslim friends surely disagree with me, like I disagree with them, about many issues. But we agree 100% that the way forward is respect, understanding and friendship, not needless provocations, hatred and violence.

  5. well, talking about fight is really something hard,'cause it's something that is made for a lot of things
    looking for protection ,looking for others 'ressorces ,thinking that it's something good cause one god or more said so ,...
    a lot of causes for war but what make us free and lovers to each others ??????no answer till now
    dont think that there is a real peace between the usa and ressia and china cause all time evrybody is afraid maybe we will descover some thing that make us lovers
    talking about us people that live in the arabic and islamic contries we are realy weak in avery field we are not strong to fight we are not from this era we cant resp ect others we are poor they can distroy us at any moment and allah or jesus or ishtar cant save us we are alone with our ignorence .


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