samedi 30 novembre 2013

Siliana : One year after , the situation is the same !

 One year ago, the city of Siliana witnessed clashes between the inhabitants and the security forces. It was over unemployment. Indeed, more than 200 people were injured and dozens lost their eyesight in the clashes. Security forces used teargas and rubber bullets to disperse protesters, with reports of people also treated for gunshot wounds. The demonstrators were calling for the departure of the authorities that, according to them, failed in the fulfilment of the objectives of the revolution.The Ministry of Interior called for an independent investigation to determine the responsibilities in the violence events . But …Nothing !!!!

This year, a symbolic event has been organized to remind Tunisians of the pains of the residents of Siliana. Indeed, many of the young people, injured in their eyes due to the use of buckshot did not get the appropriate treatment until now. Many of them lost both eyes and have been prevented from resuming their studies or work.

After an informal meeting between the injured and some representatives of the Constituent assembly as well as some politicians. 
Then  politicians delivered  dozens of endless  speeches before walking in a symbolic march  on the road between Siliana and Tunis .

Once in Tunis I heard that clashes erupted between a group of adolescents  and the police . 
 See you next year Siliana  :( 

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  1. فلترقد تونس في سلام
    عهد النهضة جعل من تونس خرابا

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