jeudi 24 décembre 2009

Happy Birthday Global Voices Online

Writing about Global Voices Online is not an easy task . In fact, writing for GVO is one of the most wonderful experiences ever !

Indeed, Sami Ben Gharbia invited me to join the GVO team after reading some some of my blog posts in English. This is how I wrote my first post for Global Voices Advocacy On September 24 th , 2008. Tunisia:404 not found was the title for my first post. A post I wrote as a spontaneous reaction to the censorship of my blog and Facebook in Tunisia . Then, Sami introduced me to Amira Al Hussaini , our wonderful editor for Global Voices Online (MENA) and I wrote my first post on October, 10 th 2008 and it was about the Tunisian National Day for Freedom of blogging.

This is how this wonderful adventure started for me . After one year of being part of GVO team I feel the same enthusiasm as on my first day and this is thanks to a great team always ready to team work and to help each other . More than a team GVO is a family : we help each other in our work but we never forget the humanistic part of things : we always remember each other for birthdays , weddings , births and in hardships etc ...

I had the opportunity to meet some of GVO people while I was in the United States last year but taking part in the Second Arab bloggers Summit was a bigger opportunity for me to get to know more GVO ers . And they are amazing people . I lived a five- day sweet dream thanks to them .
Furthermore, being a part of GVO is also an opportunity to me to speak freely , to get my voice heard in the world , to let people know about my country , about its people ... It is an opportunity to learn everyday when interacting with people with different backgrounds and with different experiences.

So for me GVO is a family and a school . It is an experience which should not stop !!! So let's go ahead and happy birthday to GVO !!!

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مجرد رأي

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