dimanche 29 janvier 2012

March for Freedom January 28th 2012

Yesterday Saturday January, 28th 2012, thousands of Tunisians walked from the Human Rights Place to the Republic Place  in Tunis to express their longing for freedom and their refusal of violence. Indeed, several assaults on Tunisian citizens  and incidents of violence happened in Tunisia in  the  last weeks.The march for freedom has been very successful despite the presence of some provocative  groups  who insulted the demonstrators. We have heard the same slogans we already heard last year;calls for freedom, work and dignity. Nevertheless, Mr Lotfi Zitoun  (Ennahdha party ) declared on El Jazeera TV channel that people who took to the streets are the same people who were supporting Ben Ali in the past. Personally, I think that it is shameful to tell lies and to deceive public opinion especially when such lies come from people who are supposed to represent Tunisian people in the Constituent Assembly. During the interview, Mr Zitoun was so nervous. 

Video taken from the Facebook Page Tunisie Révolution

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  1. Selon Einstein C POSSIBLE :

  2. pas mal comment il s'énerve et il continue à pleurer et à se présenter comme victime miskin si zitoun mou3ardha méchante mécréante boo. Ce qui est bien c'est qu'il a montré preuve à l'appui pourquoi une manif pour la liberté a eu lieu à Tunis on voit comment il respecte les journalistes

  3. believe me the most of people wich was in this march of freedom like u say they support ben ali many years ago and they was payed for alll work they did for mr ben ali the dictateur and u too i think because no body was against ben ali and has succeed his life in tunisia only u ,u got many prize and u teatch in university and u got money from the goverment of ben ali and u make travel in many country to be there in many seminary wich and every one can see ur curruculum vitae will be stupid if he think ur a tunisian patriot like u show ur self ,tell me ahmed najib chebbi was against ben ali ,ahmed ibrahim and many ather shame on u to lie to people wich they dont know u just show the truth and say we are sorry for what we did to tunisian people and we are sorry to support ben ali and his family may be tunisian people forgive that's better ,i'm not with ennahda i'm not with any political parts but i feel sympathy for those people wich ur kind of stupid and egoist people went to destroy them just for power and them selfs


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