mercredi 13 juin 2018

Just saying

Few years ago, I used to be ashamed of the different scars and stretch marks that started to cover my body after the different health crises and surgeries I went through. I stopped to wear dresses, skirts, and bikinis. I was all the time thinking about people’s reaction. My head used to be haunted by all those beauty standards imposed by society. 

Today, the situation has really changed. Through time, I learned to love my body as it is. I have started to respect it. I am trying to help it to get healthier. Today, I am thinking of the different accomplishments I did despite all my health problems.

While some healthy and strong people were hiding, I used to speak loudly and to defy tear gas, police truncheons, and real bullets.

My tiny and feeble body allowed me to win several international medals within the framework of the World Transplant games. Yes, despite my different disabilities I am a former international champion.

Today I am going to brandish my scars high and thank my body for its resistance in front of different attacks including: illnesses, diseases, police and domestic violence.

Today, one of my goals is to treat this body well to preserve it. I am seriously planning to take part in the next World Transplant Games.

I have already resumed training and I am already proud of my accomplishments. The first days I was unable to bike 5 km. Today, I biked 20 km.

I also thank all the persons who kept on supporting me through my health crisis. I will win this battle too. Love

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  1. Dear Lina,

    You are truly an inspiration! You are teaching us to fight and resist!
    Take care of yourself!


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