lundi 21 février 2011


Well I really don't know how to talk about what is going on in Libya. Well it is a genocide, a slaughter, a mass execution , massacre...

What Ghaddafi is doing in Libya was expected from a  dictator in power for more than forty years. The man proved to be crazy years ago. What is revolting however is the world silence . Everyday, hundreds are killed  in different areas of Libya.  Authorities, who didn't get the lesson from their neighbors,   opted  media blackout. 

Tunisians who exported revolution to the different countries  the region are following the Libyan revolution developments attentively. They are greatly encouraging their brothers in Libya. Despite the critical situation we are witnessing  right now we are ready to support Libyans. Today, several demonstartions were organized outside the Libyan Embassy in Tunis and some of them offered to host Libyans who could not go back to their country because of the  chaotic situation Libya is experiencing.

Hopefully Kaddefi will leave and libyans will be free as soon as possible.

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  1. Une p'tite action de solidarité avec nos frères Libyens @
    Diffusez l'évènement et invitez vos amis SVP !

  2. Peut-on concevoir une FORCE de coalition entre la Tunisie et l'Egypte qui partira au secours de nos frères Lybiens et ainsi les protéger de ce DRAGULA GADDAF EDDEM ?

  3. dieu avec eux nos frères lybiens ils les a massacré ce grand taré de kaddafi

  4. Tunisians have to focus on what's happening in Tunisia right now. The revolution is being hijacked and contained by the interim government of Ghanouchi and the new thugs from the "old" RCD. The egyptians imidiately dismantled the parliament and the government. Why is ghanouchi still running the country under the pretext that he's keeping the country safe from the snipers and the militias. Are these two more dangerous than the boming in libya. Tunisians have to wake up and take to the streets again. Why is the parliament still functioning. Who elected those representatives. Tunisians wake up. There are no militias and no snipers. No fear after 1/14/11. God Speed.

  5. Yes, it's a shame. Egypt was lucky to have an army that was unwilling to shoot at its own people, Libya seems to have less luck.

    Still, desperate measures show that the regime is desperate - they're going to topple too. Would just be nice if they'd do so *soon* and with no further pointless bloodshed.

  6. Ma chére Lina,

    Les massacres perpétrés en Libye par le "sanguinaire" KADHAFI sont des crimes contre l'humanité.
    Que font les grands de ce monde? pourquoi avoir tant attendu avant de manifester la moindre sympathie, le moindre mot envers le peuple Libyen?

    Où était la voix de la France? Où était la voix des droits de l'homme dans le monde?

    Je suis très en colère, mais, heureusement il y a des associations, des Partis politiques , des femmes et des hommes qui se bougent pour exprimer leur réprobation face à ces dictateurs.
    Nous avons bougé pour la Tunisie, pour l'Egypte maintenant pour la Libye et pour d'autres demain et nous en sommes tés fiers.

    En revanche, les "spectacles" de MAM et maintenant de notre bouffon d'ambassadeur nous font HONTE.
    Nous sommes beaucoup a exprimé ce sentiment et espérons très rapidement que ces deux là DEGAGENT.

    Lina, cette solidarité Tunisienne avec le peuple Libyen est magnifique, VIVE LA SOLIDARITE ENTRE LES PEUPLES
    Ton ami

  7. mon dieu ce kaddafi y a pas un général qui lui mit une balle dans la tête ;pour épargner ce pauvre peuple

  8. Ever since the uprisings in elBayda and Benghazi four days ago I have been trapped at my computer screen feeling a terrible mix of horror, sorrow, and admiration for the people of Libya.

    I am frustrated and helpless because here I am on the other side of the ocean with empty hands. All I can to is tell others that they cannot look away, they cannot ignore this.

    The men and women of the Maghrib are the bravest people in the world right now, and the people of Libya are the bravest of the brave.

    Viva Libya! Viva Tunisia! Viva Masr!

  9. Hopefully Libya will follow they path layed by you and your brave countrymen, and of course the Egyptians. This latest massacre of innoccent protestors can not be ignored. This violence should only demonstrate why the tyrant should no longer be in power. It will only strengthen the resolve of the people to rebel.

    The more people are killed, the more people will sympathise with, and join, the cause for freedom.

  10. Hi again Lina! Thank you for informing us. I´m very happy to know that there are people like you, worried about the situation and with strengh to continue informing. What has happened in Libya has not name. It is horrible. Gadaffi must be catched and leaded to jail. When I see libyans going away from their own countrie due to their own president i feel really really sad and upset. I hope that tunisian people will receive this people and hosted until Gadafi fell down, what will happen in a few days. People from Magreb are now the exemple to follow for the rest of the world. You are making the history, thank you again and go on, todos mis ánimos desde España!!!


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