mardi 18 janvier 2011

Puprple is Old -fashioned

Two months ago I shared pictures showing the change in the color of the street lights . They had been painted in purple to celebrate the anniversary of change ;

Today I'll share pictures of people painting a purple fence  in white .

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  1. Wasen´t purple Ben alis favouritecolour? If so-its a really good freedom act..

  2. Hi Lina, I saw you on Swedish "Kulturnyheterna" yesterday and would be really interested to talk to you. I work for a Swedish media company too.
    How do I contact you?


  3. will they deny us the chocolate brand MILKA ?!?

  4. Le paysage devient moins mauve-ais !

  5. Bonjour Lina,
    je travaille pour une radio française, appelée Autoroute Fm ( puisque diffusée sur les autoroutes!).
    Je souhaiterais beaucoup vous interviewer, pour que vous nous racontiez votre travail de terrain ces dernières semaines, et l'impact selon vous des réseaux sociaux et d'internet dans la chute du régime de Ben Ali.

    Comment vous joindre?
    Auriez-vous quelques minutes à me consacrer pour un entretien téléphonique?
    D'avance merci
    Francine Thomas

  6. Bonsoir Lina:
    je travaille pour un journal portugaise, appelée PÚBLICO. Je suis arrivée cette semaine au Tunisie et je souhaiterais beaucoup vous interviewer. Maintenant je suis à Sidi Bouzid mais je rentrerais chez Tunis demain.
    Comment vous joindre? Merci en avance et je espère que nous nos pouvons trouver.

    Sofia Lorena
    00351 932408081

  7. Hello Lina. I would like to talk to some Tunisians in Tunisia. Is there anyone (who speaks English) you could put me in touch with even if you are too busy to talk to me? You can contact me at Note that I am just an individual. Thanks. Also congratulations on winning your freedom. Although obviously there's a great danger that this is only a temporary situation.

  8. Dear Lina,

    I'm a journalist of the National Television of Slovenia and I would like to do a short telephone interview (cca. 10 min), until Sunday the 23rd of January, on the subject of the Tunisian revolution, but also a view over the changes that the web tools can make in the peoples interpretation of freedom. If it's possible, I would like to do it with you, or if you won't be able, with anyone of the young tunisian cyberactivists involved in the recent events in Tunisia.

    Please let me know how I can reach you.
    Best, Julija


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