dimanche 2 janvier 2011

What Happened is not an Isolated Case !

 I was supposed to make  the  updates of the events of Sidi Bouzid  but I changed my mind after a special encounter. Some friends, who lately noticed my tiredness,  invited me to a small  party in their house. After a long hesitation , I decided to take part in it.What happened during the party was not of interest to me. But when I was leaving the house my host told me a story that his gardener recounted to him few days ago. I decided to meet the latter  to  know about the details.

My host introduced me to the gardener. He welcomed me warmly and started telling me the story. He explained that he is from 'Jbal Dinar', a small village that is far about 40km from 'Ain Drahem'  in  the North West of Tunisia  He told me about some incidents which happened in his village. Indeed, few weeks ago, a cold wave hit Tunisia and it snowed  heavily in some areas of the country, including Ain Drahem' and its surroundings. The area being a remote one lacks facilities. People leaving there , are generally poor people due to the scarcity of resources and the absence of job opportunities. Therefore, they could not face this cold wave. Authorities promised to help them. The day aids were provided, the TV was there to record and preserve this  historic moment! According to my witness: people were handed some old wool blankets and some food. When  the TV journalists left, the local authorities took the aids back !!!

My interlocutor told me about women giving birth to their children on their way  to hospital for the absence of means of transport and about students forced to skip classes for more than a week when it is raining or snowing ...

My only question is : where is the solidarity fund 26-26?

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