lundi 3 janvier 2011

You can't Stop us from Writing !!

Well , I can understand ... No I can't understand that some stupid person has hacked my  e-mail then, my Facebook account. This stupid person has also deleted some pages in which I am an administrator. Pages like that of 7ellblog ( launch a blog) which has been largely promoted  even by official media , the page of the Tunisian singer Amel Mathlouthi , Reading Books is Better than Staring at others ( yes they hate reading and culture uin my country) , the Tunisian blogosphere , and may be  a page against censorship ' la censure nuit à l 'image de mon pays' ( I don't have the confirmation yet) and many other pages were deleted.
What happened is so shameful because the internet police is again confirming its stupidity and useless stubbornness . Sofiene Chourabi and Azyz Amami are experiencing the same problem now. They have been hacked.

We have experiencing censorship for more than one year now, we are deprived of our basic right to express ourselves freely. Instead of enjoying a  lift of the censorship on our censored websites , we are facing a new serious problem. Our privacy is not respected. The act of hacking is an act of rape which we are not accepting and which we are going to fight.
You can censor
You can hack 
But you can't stop us from writing !!!!

15 commentaires:

  1. It really only goes to show you how desparate those people are to hold to the power they have amassed illegally and to keep their real crimes from being discovered.There is a light at the end of the tunnel and it is a badge of honor that they should dare to attack you in this way.Their days are numbered.They live in fear.They have no ideas to offer the country and the people except more repression and more torture.We need to document everything because they can run but they can't hide and the day will come when they have to face the music.

  2. I no longer have the impression that voices speaking out this shameful regime are scarce & isolated... The movement is being generalized to the whole society. Even if the movement is currently not under a leadership, and i think it is a prerequisite for changing things, Tunisian people who stand for their rights give me H.O.P.E. And i hope it gives you too, as we need voices like yours.

  3. Il y a plus de 20 ans, j'ai vécu la même chose lors de la fin du règne de Bourguiba..On vient me chercher pour interrogatoire au poste de police le plus proche...sauf que j'ai fini au siège du Ministère de l'intérieur...pour un mois..Et devinez qui était ministre alors?? Ben Ali.... Bon courage à tous les bonne chance dans la espérons qu'ils reviennent sains et saufs..Salam

  4. je souhaite la jeunesse tunisienne puisse en fin vivre et que notre beau pays soit enfin libre.

  5. ٰViva Tunisian protesters. Someday soon we will unite and we will rise against oppression all over the world. You got Iranian protesters' support.

  6. vive la tunisie,vive le peuple,la jeunesse
    abat ben ali sa famille .

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    the opolis team

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  9. you do the right thing, don't ever stop writing about your opinion!

  10. keep doing what you are doing until you reach your goal.. an example from the bible: The Massacre of the Innocents where the King of Judea, Herod the Great, ordered the execution of all young male children in the village of Bethlehem, so as to avoid the loss of his throne to a newborn King of the Jews. It's an analogy to your cause. Trust me, brutal force from the state can never stop the new, the future and progress. A fish rots from the head down. You keep your head up and moving. I will cheer you on!

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