jeudi 5 octobre 2017

"Big Brother " is back !!!

A few years ago, when the dictator Ben Ali was still reigning over Tunisia, one of the most horrible and stifling things that we had to cope with,  used to be Ben Ali's cult of personality. His images used to clutter public arenas. Posters showing his face used to be hanged on buildings and highway billboards. We had to see his " face " everywhere; in offices, small stores, schools, universities... 
Indeed, his cult of personality progressively permeated the visual space thus creating a "Big brother" atmosphere.

Moreover, ZABA seemed to enjoy walkabouts. On different occasions, people from different ages and sexes used to be brought in stuffed buses and gathered just to form huge crowds to cheer and applaud him. Even courses used to be canceled so that students could take part in such gatherings. 

For the sake of the presidential procession, the road traffic had to completely stop. Policemen had to stand along the roads that the procession would follow. Streets used to wear an ugly purple attire made of streamers praising the achievements of HIS MAJESTY. As if by magic, the naked squares used to suddenly wear a cloth of plants and flowers in a record time. The dirty walls became white. The potholes disappeared. For his visits and gatherings, everything looked perfect!

After the ousting of Ben Ali, we thought that such hideous, ugly, disgusting, and revolting practices were over. Unfortunately, we have been mistaken! 

For the visit of Beji Caid Essebsi to Sousse, people witnessed the same repulsive scenery. Once again, we had to remember that the road is still long. Again, we have been reminded that ousting a dictator is just a small pace on a long road of sacrifice and resistance.

Our leader Our Protector, May Allah preserve and bless you  

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