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Affichage des articles du janvier, 2011


Un jour mon blog a été censuré à cause de ce passage du livre l' Archéologie Du Chaos (Amoureux) de Mustapha Benfodil que j 'ai inséré dans le blog. Aujourd'hui je le re-publie pour dire non à la censure .
J' ai déjà parlé de mon état après qu'on m'a demandée d'écrire un billet pour mon blog tout en oubliant les lignes rouges et les censeurs.
Je n 'ai pas réussi a le faire a force de m 'auto censurer.Mais aujourd'hui je me suis rapplee du livre déjanté et original ( comme me l'a écrit mon amie qui me l'a offert dans sa dédicace ) , et je parle biensur de l' Archéologie Du Chaos (Amoureux) de Mustapha Benfodil .
>A la fin du livre il y'a un manifeste que voici:


La place naturelle de l’intellectuel est dans l’opposition.

La place naturelle de l’Anartiste est dans la clandestinité.

Il faut installer un climat insurrectionnel dans le pays.

Un climat d’instabilité positive.

Il faut une opposition ar…

We are not Free yet !

Yesterday , I visited the Kasbah in the morning as I did not spend the night there . Arrived there everything seemed normal. The sit-in people were doing their daily activities : cleaning , discussing , and demonstrating peacefully. I took part in the discussions in several circles. In each discussion circle  I noticed the presence of a woman , not belonging to the sit-in persons . I wanted to understand what was going on . I took part in the discussions going on in those circles. These women who pretended to be patriotic Tunisians trying to help the country were trying to convince the young men to leave the Kasbah. I also noticed that these women with nice clothes and make -up chose to talk to young men and not to older ones. 
After that , I left the area, to join a group a bloggers and to demonstrate outside the Egyptian Embassy in Tunis. We were no more than 25 persons , when the police came massively.
Manwhile , I received a phone call from la Kasbah , informing me that the army wit…

Another night in la Kasbah

Last night , it rained  on la Kasbah . The army allowed the people on sit-in to sleep in the neighboring mosques. This morning , all the persons present on the government place sang the Tunisian anthem together .  People cleaned the area and planned their activities for the day .

People gathered to sing the Tunisian anthem

People cleaning the area

Police attacks the Kasbah Sit-in

This morning police used tear gas against persons in sit-in in la Kasbah . Many people were injured and rushed to the hospital .

Now , the ex president 's party militia is trying to make trouble within the sit-in . They tried to convince people living in the neighborhood to attack the persons in sit-in . They offered them money and alcohol to do this.

A Night in la Kasbah

Yesterday , I decided to spend the night in la Kasbah with the different groups of demonstrators who arrived from several regions in Tunisia to express their refusal for the new government including ministers who served under the Ben Ali 's regime. In fact, they were spending their second night outside the Prime Ministry.I had the chance of being hosted by a friend from the Meknassy group and to be accompanied by the ex world champion of Kick boxing Imed Mathlouthi .

The night had been long with the loud noise of helicopters and shouting groups. I had the opportunity to meet people from : Meknassy, Erregueb, Kasserine , Thala, Kairouan, Sfax, Metlaoui, Menzel Bouzayene , Hamma ,Mezzouna, Sidi Bouzid etc.. We discussed the whole night.
I also visited the tents of the different groups and took photos of the different slogans they wrote on the walls.

The Prime Ministry is now the Citizens Ministry :

In another version it is now owned by the Jelma, Kasserine and Ben Oun inhabitants.

I …

أبناء تونس الأعماق يحررون البلاد من الطغاة الهادي غيلوفي: باحث في التاريخ

لقد انتفضت تونس الأعماق (سكان المناطق الداخلية) لتثور عن الواقع الذي تعيشه البلاد . هذه الثورة الشعبية التي قادها الشارع الذي فاق نبضه تحاليل النخب والباحثين والسياسيين . فتونس الأعماق كانت ولا تزال خزان للثورات والانتفاضات الاجتماعية الرافضة لكافة أشكال التسلط والقهر مهما كان مصدرها محلية الصنع (نظام البايات) أو أجنبيا الاستعمار . فتونس الأعماق هي التي خرجت منها ثورة علي بن غذاهم سنة 1864 وما تركته تركت في الذاكرة الجماعية من أمل . ومن بعدها ثورة انتفاضة الفلاحين سنة 1906 ثورة الفراشيش ليتمرد بعد ذلك أبناء الأعماق من الهمامة إلي الودارنة مرورا ببني زيد إبان الحرب العالمية الأولي بقيادة البشير بن سديرة وعبد اللطيف الدبابي ومحمد الدغباجي .وصولا للثورة التحررية ما بين 1952و1956 التي شارك فيها أبناء تونس الأعماق بكثافة دون أن نغفل مشاركة أبناء بقية المناطق بشتي أشكال المقاومة السياسية والعنيفة . فتونس الأعماق تختزل إذا ذاكرة شعبية مليئة بالصور الناصعة لتاريخ الأجداد فالثوار والمتمردين والصعاليك الشرفاء يمثلون منارات مضيئة للأجيال اللاحقة ومنها شباب ثورة جانفي 2011 . فلا شك إ…