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We are not Free yet !

Yesterday , I visited the Kasbah in the morning as I did not spend the night there . Arrived there everything seemed normal. The sit-in people were doing their daily activities : cleaning , discussing , and demonstrating peacefully. I took part in the discussions in several circles. In each discussion circle  I noticed the presence of a woman , not belonging to the sit-in persons . I wanted to understand what was going on . I took part in the discussions going on in those circles. These women who pretended to be patriotic Tunisians trying to help the country were trying to convince the young men to leave the Kasbah. I also noticed that these women with nice clothes and make -up chose to talk to young men and not to older ones. 

After that , I left the area, to join a group a bloggers and to demonstrate outside the Egyptian Embassy in Tunis.
We were no more than 25 persons , when the police came massively.

Manwhile , I received a phone call from la Kasbah , informing me that the army withdrew and that the police is throwing tear gas at the persons present in la Kasbah.
We retraced our steps. Once in Habib Bourguiba Avenue, the situation was awful . It Smelled   tear gas everywhere.

My group and I was attacked  by unknown persons holding sticks  and shouting : you destroyed the country , our houses are smelling tear gas because of the people of the sit-in of la Kasbah....
The police was violent too...


  1. People don't know that nothing has changed except the gain of the freedom of speaking at least on the net because Tunisia national tv for me is yet Tunis 7 .

  2. tu sais très bien lina que le peuple n'a pas fini sa révolution.
    ce qui m'étonne, c'est que j'ai attendu avec impatience la proposition des avocats. mais semble t il elle arrive très tard, et elle n'est pas très médiatisé.
    alors un conseil, relayez la proposition des avocats. c'est la meilleure solution.

  3. أنت وحدك القادر على تغيير حياتك إلى الأفضل فالأخذ بالأسباب والتوكل على الرب هو طريقك للوصول إلى ما تريد .. فإذا أردت السعادة والنجاح عليك أن تفهم قانون السببية فهماً عميقاً وتطبقه في حياتك اليومية .
    فكل ما يحدث في الكون له سبب يؤدي إلى حدوثه و في قصة ذي القرنين " أن الرب مكنه في الأرض وآتاه من كل شيء سببا " أي أن الرب هيأ له الأسباب التي توصله إلى مقاصده من العلم والقدرة .. فلم يقعد عن الأخذ بها .. بل أخذ بالأسباب وحقق بفضل الرب ماحقق ... .والثورة التونسية غير مثلا على ذالك أي أن الرب هيأعن طريق المرحوم بوعزيزي الأسباب.التي سوف توصلنانحن الشعب الى كل مطلبنا *إنشاء الرب*المطلوب منا أن نشعر بأن المقود بيدنا نحن الشعب لا بيد غيرنالكن أكثر الناس لا يأخذون بالأسباب وينتظرون أن يحدث لهم مايشتهون

    لذا كن يا تونسي متيقناً بأنك تملك من معرفة والقدرة العقليه والطاقة عالية والحماس .لكي تأخذ بالأسباب لي تحقق ماتريد.
    رؤوف عبد السلام

  4. Lina,

    I wish I could be close to you, and daily with you, I mean ... really with you! And when I say with you, I mean with you and ALL the people around you, all the people everywhere in the country, my family, my very family, you and my beloved ones who live there!!

    I'm another Tunisian citizen of the world livin in France. We are so proud of you here and in so many other places... we just have to look at Egypt! But we're also so scared for you too, and so frustrated not to be there with you all right now, In Tunisia!

    There's still a struggle, the revolution is not over... I'm praying night and day, but i'm filled with hatred too, im sufferin to see you and my beloved ones in such a dangerous and criminal situation!

    God! Is there a Truth and Reconciliation Commisssion that is going to be created? If not already done! We definitely have to trial and sentence all the people who have got blood on their hands! And that goes from the expresident, his wife and this rotten tentacular family to the fuckin assholes wihtout souls that stole Mohamed Bouazizi's stall, spitting on him and beating him, Allah Yarhmou, and those who dared shooting on civilan people. All those responsible for death... And they are NUMEROUS!! Are they all going to be trialed for what they done?? I'm so sad, and i'm mingled with hope and fear for the future!

    God! I know that somehow we will have to give the chance to a lot of people to repent, in any way, to repent of what they done wrong against the basic human rights, human principles against their brothers... just because of greed!!! Otherwise, we would have to trial and/or jail hundred thousands of people!

    Is this kind of Commission going to exist? Are people going to repent really of having subscribe and make profit of benalis's system, members of his family, of his family in law, of the rcd and of all these people who reproduced this way of livin and corrupting at their own scale?? Are these people ready to give up their badly acquired priviledges to repent and become honest?, now that they see this honest way of living exists, since millions of us live without stealing, lying, or cheating with law??

    They have to know one thing about us: freedom has no price! You can't buy freedom and you can't steal it neither!! You have already proved that we can fight for freedom! And gain it! Freedom of speech to begin with! Which makes me say, it's not over!

    And your precisous posts are here to tell! You, our eye-witness, and even ear-witness! I know. You among others. You, a Tunisian girl, among others. You are not alone! Oooh no, you are not alone =)


  5. Bonjour,

    On sais tous que l'arme la plus fatale ent Tunisie pour l'instant est le facebook et Internet en général, mais on oublie que même Internet peut être infiltrée et espionnée, par des méthodes encore plus fatales, qui peuvent même changer nos points de vue envers plusieurs trucs.

    Révolution de la Tunisie

  6. I'm so happy that you're sharing what's happening still in Tunisia. The western media forgets so easily what happens around the world altohugh there is som much that still happens in countries like Tunisia. I'm living a free, safe life and that's what I wish for Tunisia too. And I follow your struggle, I wish I could do more but I want you to know that you have the support of so many people around Sweden any way, and probably even more.

    I think you all are brave, I can't imagine what it must be like.

  7. A ridiculed police force has weathered the onslaught from the population and is now coming back with the same verve and same dedication to hurt, maim and even kill the demonstrators ... That the dictatorship system stays in power is in their interest of the police, they will otherwise lose power, jobs, bribes (perks of the job)
    and can even get prosecuted for human rights abuses. Only the complete capitulation of the dictator's system can guarantee the restoration of peace and trust between the population and the police force.

  8. A ridiculed police force has weathered the onslaught from the population and is now coming back with the same verve and same dedication to hurt, maim and even kill the demonstrators ... That the dictatorship system stays in power is in their interest of the police, they will otherwise lose power, jobs, bribes (perks of the job)
    and can even get prosecuted for human rights abuses. Only the complete capitulation of the dictator's system can guarantee the restoration of peace and trust between the population and the police force.

  9. In the days after the 14th January 2011, during the vacuum created by the withdrawal of the police from the suburbs of Tunis, 2 videos were posted on facebook about two policemen being murdered by the mob in Kabbaria and El Wardia. That has sent a message to the ordinary policeman. Everything was out of control and the population was shouting revenge. They police came out the next day with a gimmick protest claiming that they too were oppressed by the ex-president. Some of them went on to say they needed a syndicate to defend their rights. I say if Tunisia was free today. The same lot would need a very sympathetic judge to help them escape life imprisonment at least for crimes against humanity including systematic abuse, torture and murder.

  10. WE are all together in this. Spread the word. Make is world wide.

  11. My heart goes out to you. Writing from America. I have noticed the media has grown silent, besides a few places mindlessly repeating that you all won. So I am getting my own news now from the likes of you, Tunisian girl. Be smart and cunning, be brave, and may God's truth be with you.

  12. j'ai entendu à la télé tunisienne que je regarde que depuis le 15 janvier ,un journaliste qui dit que les tunisiens ne veulent pas que les americains s'occupent de leur révolution ;a ses ignorants je veut dire quand un journaliste parle comme ça que faut il attendre des gens qui n'ont pas fait des grands études .il faut comprendre que la Tunisie c'est le premier paye qui a reconnu les USA en 1795 et que les relations d'amitié qui nous lie au reste du monde doit toujours être maintenu comme c'est le cas depuis longtemps et pour que cette révolution réussit on doit prendre le bon exemple sur le reste du monde ,tous qui a bien fonctionné et on rejette tous qui peut nous ramener au dictature comme si le cas avec les révolution qui on échoué et qui on devenus pire qu'avant par exemple l'iran .et j'espère que les tunisiens sont vigilants et j'espère que mon paye devient un exemple dans le monde


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