dimanche 5 septembre 2010

Blogger = Criminal

In the developing countries , being a blogger has become synonymous of being a criminal.  Hardly does the sun rises without learning about the arrest of a blogger or online journalist . Examples are abundant Fatma Arabicca , Zouhair Makhlouf , Abdulsalam El Baroudi , etc 

The last in date case is that of Ali Abdulimam , A Bahraini blogger and a contributor for Global Voices Online. Indeed, Ali was arrested today by the Bahraini authorities. He was accused of spreading "false news" on
BahrainOnline. portal. A website that is, "of course"  censored in Bahrain. 

I hope that Ali will be released soon . I also hope that he will be in a good health . To read more click here 


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مجرد رأي

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