mercredi 11 novembre 2009

The Battle for Hearts and Minds

Anger seizing me !Annoyance stifling me !Exasperation smothering me !

Tears, tears, then tears, tears and then tears again .

I am in the grip of doubt , self-questioning , self-judgement , self-torture ...

Hatred, coercion, battle, camapaign, cause, fight, atrocity, lies , repression, jail, oppression, harrassment ,freedom, aggression, brutish images, patriotism , freedom of speech, pressure, prison ,pain, punishment,anguish agony,distortion, revolution, hostility .

But LOVE above all.

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مجرد رأي

نحن شعب لا يتعظّ من ماضيه و لا يحفظ دروس التاريخ و كأنّني بنا شعب قصير الذاكرة أو دعوني أقول معدوم الذاكرة. تستهوينا بعض عروض التهريج في مج...