mercredi 25 août 2010

Hunger Strike for the Right to Employment

Photo credit Haithem Mahjoubi (Facebook

Dalel  Ziibi, 28 years old, is on a hunger strike since August 22nd , 2010. Dalel went on the hunger strike to defend her right to  employment. Indeed, her  Media center for children  had been closed down by the authorities ( The  Ministry of Women, Family, the Elderly and Children's Affairs). Dalel sees that closing her center , was a tentative to force her husband, Haithem Mahjoubi to revoke a lease of an apartment he is renting to one of the Tunisian  legal Tdissident parties. On August 24th, Dalele had health problems and as transported to the emergencies. Nevertheless she refused to put an end  to the hunger strike.   

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Dalel Ziibi in the emergencies 
Video  by Hicham Hazgui 

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