samedi 25 février 2012

Women activists in Tunisia poetry by Arturo Desimone

And All you Queens of Carthage
All you Queens of Carthage

Mutinous Didos  never really die
Dido never really died

And All you Queens of Carthage
All you Queens of Carthage
should the secret police
in their pink striped suits
touch one obsidian hair
I will slit their throats 
I will sink
their little

All those secret cops
Work for a great Stellar pimp
Dressed in pin-stripe plainclothes
with a vulgar tricolor French flag-pin,
the wannabe
Yes those tranquil policemen
work for the Supreme Pimp
I will shoot them
till they walk with a limp
Should they dare curse-breathe
or bugger 
one obsidian hair
should they touch 1 singular
obsidian hair

All you 
Carthaginean Stripeless, Sweet Knife-eyed

 I want you to know I know
that which you already knew
I want you 
to know that I know
that which you
already knew

that Dido never truly dies
Dido never literally died
This was Dido's only singular
Sung from reddest, genuine Pulse
Once she's cobbled 
her Pulse back together
the segments of
dishevelled red tulip bulb
She barely needs me
To drown her enemies
She doesn't depend
only on me
to tighten the pink scarf
of her enemy
But it's the gesture that resonates

Arturo Desimone, Tunis, Tunisia
May 2011, all rights reserved

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