mercredi 31 mars 2010


She never stopped writing . She misses her readers , and she is still writing .Writing is life . Writing is being . Writing is everything about her life . She never understood why they want her to stop from doing it .

Now , bereft of her words ,writing has become a fight ! She 's fighting using either her pen or her keyboard .

Her weapons : a laptop , an old FUCKED UP laptop ...and some thoughts , some opinions ...

Their bullets never succeeded in impeding her ...bullet after bullet she is becoming stronger more mature ...

She is going to fight again and again , she is struggling , she will never give up .

Giving up? You must be joking !!

OPINIONS . Why do OPINIONS and Thoughts disturb so much?

7 commentaires:

  1. yh , what's wrong about writing ??
    My friends are not liking it .. i don't even want to listen to them because What I write , is a mirror of me , of my thoughts .. a mirror reflecting the things others won't know about me by themselves .. Maybe , they'll never understand .. ena 3and'hom " de5la fi 7it " !
    Bonne re Linouch !
    les weekends nekteb ..
    Miss u :)

  2. ména lkol nemnou bel " e5tiléf w 7orriyet eta3bir"

  3. passe moi ton e-mail comme ca on pourra rester en contact

  4. Ce commentaire a été supprimé par un administrateur du blog.

  5. oui je l'ai reçu ..
    je quitte tawa .. a bientot


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