vendredi 29 janvier 2010

Fragment of a Person

She was sitting there at the court. She was sitting on the bench trying to focus on what the lawyers were saying ,trying to look comfortable and at ease, trying to hide her pain and worries. But the agonized look in her eyes during the moments of remembrance betrayed her .The remembrance of two months of horror ...of pain! A void look of indifference she would sometimes wear when she disappears inside of herself uncovered the veil of courage she was trying to hide the face behind !

1 commentaire:

  1. This void you're feeling inside wont come up ! It will always be a piece of bad hallucinations cause your true one will be here forever and ever. Worries, we wont ever be able to defeat them if we dont feel loved, if we dont share precious moments with the one we love !! Dont panic, dont lose a moment ! Hope is on the way !! Hold on to what you've got, and believe me, you got a lot to unveil your worries !!!


مجرد رأي

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