jeudi 10 juin 2010

Lunatic Asylum

I really do not enjoy writing in English . I feel  much more comfortable when  writing in my mother tongue or in French . The text, I am publishing here is the fruit of fortuity. It was a long ,roasting , and boring night . I was just lying in my bed , staring vaguely at the ceiling . I was trying to sleep but in vain . Too many thoughts were hitting   my mind relentlessly  like the relentless beat of the Mezoued*  melodies, I 'm enjoying every night ( the price of living by the sea in  a third world country)  . I just stood up , brought my pen and a  copybook , and just started writing . It was the first time, I start writing in English without previous plans, without having an assignment to do or an article to write  . I guess that this introduction is non sense and I'll let you read the text I wrote in an awfully boring Tunisian night :

Some are continuously clapping their hands in approval
Others are all the time protesting and yelling  in disapproval 
Some are thanking and praising without any conviction
Others are Just writing petitions and organizing demonstrations
Some are  gazing insolently  and shouting non sense decisions and enacting some stupid laws
Others are Just listening  and going through  with a haunting look of uncertainty and awe
Some,- bare-faced -, are embezzling a whole country without having to pay 
Others are Just perishing in prisons for a loaf of bread, an opinion, a word , or a cry 
Some live in palaces , wearing Versace, and driving  Hummers
Others are Just hungry,  sleeping in metro-stations , and wearing rags. 
Some are developing torture and interrogations tactics.
Others are Just experiencing these techniques 

Some are oppressors 
Some are Just oppressed
Some are persecutors
Some are Just persecuted
Some are rulers
Others are Just ruled

And I am Just a silly Tunisian  girl dreaming of Change !

*Tunisian Music

5 commentaires:

  1. And we're just silly dreaming of the change ..

  2. Nice! Your english is very good, keep going please
    A tunisan Guy ...

  3. @Rania : Yes we are .
    @Tunisian Guy : thanks

  4. "Are you sure this was unplanned?
    Or is it just me who simply will demand,
    That if it's the way you write in the banned,
    May all your English texts I ask to amend
    And The Tunisian Girl be Free in this land"
    Copyrights: Ashraf Zich.


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