jeudi 5 janvier 2012

Tunisia is Moaning !

Today, January the 5th, another Tunisian has set his body on fire . This  happened in Gafsa and this date corresponds to the beginning of the  social movement of the mining basin 2008.  The immolation by the fire coincided with the visit of three ministers, who visited the city in the hope of negotiating with people in sit-in for their social rights.Clashes started between the inhabitants and security forces...

Yesterday, security forces  and the army used violence against University teachers and students demonstrating peacefully  outside the Higher Education Ministry and Scientific Research to ask the Minister to take a decision to allow students to resume the courses in la Manuba University. The Faculty of Literature, Arts and Humanities of  la Manuba has been closed after the use of violence  by a group of Islamists  against the Dean and some teachers . This group has been occupying parts of the faculty for weeks to claim the right of  girl students  to sit for exams with "niqab". Today, security forces evacuated the faculty ...Three journalists covering the event outside the ministry were beaten by security forces too!

Few days ago, a sit-in started in Menzel Bouzayene, the city that witnessed the first martyrdom following the use of live ammunition during the events one year ago. The inhabitants are claiming the right of their area in development. 

Many sit-ins and demonstrations are taking place in other areas too like: Gabes, Jendouba, Thala , kasserine ...

In "Sejnane" ( North East), inhabitants complained after  the establishment of an Islamic princedom. Salafis have even established a jail and they have been arresting people they judged infringing Islamic rules. Some of the inhabitants  were arrested and beaten for celebrating the end of the year or for drinking alcohol . Security forces did not intervene  at all

Instead of discussing the real problems of Tunisia, the problems that drove people to the streets last year, the constituent Assembly and the Government have been trying to divert Tunisians' focus and attention  to identity and religion problems . Following the path of the ousted dictator, they chose to hide the truth and spread lies as he  did last year. Instead of facing the real problems of people protesting everywhere, they preferred to hold the opposition and especially the left parties responsible for what is happening. They have been trying to deceive people again by pretending that the aim of these people asking for rights is to spread chaos in the country. Their sole argument is : "sit-ins are destructing the economy" ( same argument used by Ben Ali) ,. They however allowed the group of Islamists to occupy the faculty for weeks while other students were prevented from studying. Lately , they overtly declared that they will use violence to end sit-ins.

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  1. A new stage of repression against Tunisia's revolution... I encourage you to stay strong, keep fighting, and in time the Constituent Assembly will be washed away before the masses just as Ben Ali was :)


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