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We'll Fight for our Freedom !

Sometimes we lose our words.  Here and now I am dispossessed of my ideas. My thoughts and feelings are scrambled. Nothing is clear. We talked about a Revolution. We even said that we fulfilled our revolution. The whole world congratulated us and changed their direction to watch another revolution. Journalists who rushed to Tunisia from the four corners of the world, packed up and went less than a week after that the dictator packed up and left carrying away an important share of the country’s wealth.
Two weeks after the fulfillment of the revolution. The situation in Tunisia is more than critical. Serious incidents are happening successively. It all started with the horrible assaults on the peaceful people who were on sit-in in la Kasbah outside the Prime Ministry. The peaceful people who were simply asking for democracy and dignity were beaten, violently chased away from the sit-in area and even arrested. The government denied its responsibility in what happened. But is a government allowed to make such declarations, to advance such arguments? Is a government allowed to be overwhelmed by events?

Let's clean Tunisia from  what remained of the RCD regime 
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Day after day we hear of assaults, kidnappings and violence against innocent Tunisian people. Indeed the dictator left but his regime is still here. State security officers with the help of a villain militia usually awarded by small amounts of money, alcohol, or drugs, are spreading terror in the country. They are assaulting some persons, threatening others. They are also spreading rumors to establish a state of fear and panic among Tunisians.

However these criminals forgot that Tunisians gave a lesson of courage to the entire world. They also forgot that Tunisians broke the fear barriers. Tunisians will never abandon their fight for real freedom and for real democracy! Counter -Revolution forces will not succeed in stealing our achievement . Tunisians let's be patient! Tunisians let's be united.


  1. Un article fort qui sort des tripes.Personne ne nous volera notre révolution nous sommes libre et on le restera vaille que vaille. Bravo Lina,d'habitude je fais pas de commentaires mais là je pouvais pas m'en empêcher de te dire chapeau bas and we'll not stop the fight until achieve our objectives : FREEDOM & DEMOCRACY :)

    ( legrand_zeus )

  2. If Rachid Ghannouchi really means what he saying in his interviews aimed at the developed countries he must make a statement on a National Tunisian TV to distance himself and his Ḥizb al-Nahḍah erasing any hint of suspicion of his involvement circulating in the country.

    If Rached Ghannouchi wants to help our country he and his Ḥizb al-Nahḍah MUST support our call for Peace, Unity, Tolerance and Equality.

    Rached Ghannouchi's Ḥizb al-Nahḍah

    Ḥizb al-Nahḍah and Rached Ghannouchi must create human chain link around all houses of prayer, national monuments and objects of Tunisia's Heritage to protect from criminal elements like RCD on a payroll of outsiders and of those of a former dictatorship!

    Rachid Ghannouchi MUST clearly pronounce a unequivocal support to the Free and Secular State of Tunisia.

    We are foremost Tunisian Women and Men who stand for peaceful & tolerant coexistence with every political, social, religious and sexual orientations! We STAND and DEMAND ABSOLUTE Equality between genders!
    We uphold Privacy and Human DIgnity Civil Rights as the basic fundamental law of our Tunisia.

    WE - Free & Secular TUNISIANS propose a blue print for progress and cohesion in a peaceful society we are determined to build.

    We all must fight any form of corruption and any form of nepotism in Tunisia.

    No ONE - absolutely NO ONE in the Free & Secular Tunisia will be above the LAW of the Land!

    We are TUNISIANS and we want to work with everyone who honestly stands for Peace, Unity, Equality and Tolerance in the Secular Tunisia.

    Ḥizb al-Nahḍah and Rached Ghannouchi's silence on those matters will send a very strong message of his implicitly in terrorist crimes against Tunisia and her People!

    Organisation de l'État libre et laïque de la Tunisie

  3. Don't look to the politicos. They will fail you. They will protect their turf every time. Focus now on building civil society. Look to each other for safety, for governance, for support. Ally with people you can trust. Fly under the radar. You will prevail!

  4. The western governments will not help you. You embarrassed them...

    Here are some ideas I picked up off the web, could be useful?

    Seek out examples of communities taking care of basic food/security needs. Maybe church/mosque level coordination. Talk about how they do so to give people hope and to offer templates for self-generated very basic short-term resilience. Politically, stay on message. The old guard must go.

    Don't think of yourselves primarily as insurgents, don't think of your main goal as taking down the old government. Think of yourselves as the legitimate government, leaderless and disorganized after a coup, trying to retake your city/country.

    You *are* the government. Start acting like one, if you haven't already. Your resources are limited, but you are on the side of the people who surround you -- and if they see you acting to help them and re-establish order, they will help you. They are your greatest resource.

    On the one side, you want to be building up what stability you can. Something like would seem like a good place to start. Find out what people are lacking for day-to-day existence and what they need most urgently, and what they have to offer. Use the latter to help with the former.

    On the other side, you need to maintain forward momentum reclaiming the ownership of your homeland. Find out who among you is best at strategizing, coming up with plans, seeing flaws in existing plans. Work out a roadmap: what is the ultimate goal? What are possible ways of getting there? Who is committed to being involved, and under what conditions (if any)? Another kind of resource audit, but looking in the other direction.

    I realize this is all a bit vague, but it's a starting point; it would have to be shaped by the actual situation in each case.

  5. Lina, my english is not as good as i need to tell you all the things i would like to. But i am very proud of tunisian people and i give all of you my solidarity in these difficult moments of transition. Be pacient, be surrounded by people you trust, protect yourself every time in every place, and continue building democracy and strenghening civil society. We are the goverment, politicians have no idea (at least most of them, maybe not all) about our problems so we cannot expect nothing of them. A big hug from Spain!

  6. Congratulations, Lina! At home we follow tunisian revolution by your blog (news are less and less frequents). We knew Tunis some years ago and could feel what thwe situation was like there. Though we were foreigners, we've also lived a dictatorship and learnt to feel fear in people. We were so glad to hear Ben Ali was thrown away. Have all our support from Spain and keep on with your blog (we need to know how revolution's going on there)

  7. Bonjour,

    merci pour votre action, je suis loin et me sens inutile, inquiet, désemparé, mais lorsque je vois des blogs comme le votre je reprends soudain confiance!
    Merci de ne rien lacher, nous devons nous organiser et ne pas baisser la garde, rester constament vigilant. la femme tunisienne doit également coûte que coûte prendre la plce qu´elle mérite dans cette révolution!
    Alors faisons attention et pas de chèques en blanc à qui que ce soit!
    Encore merci!!

  8. The world is not looking away. We are watching. We care, and we want to help. We are proud of you, because you have come a long way. But we know that many challenges face you, and it will certainly take atleast many months, perhaps many years, for a new and better Tunisian government to be organized.

    Norway is far away from Tunisia, in every way, still, your situation is reported daily in the main news, and many people care. I think at the moment the main problem is, I don't even know what I could do to help. (If you know, please don't hesitate to tell)

    How did I even find your blog ? Because you where described in a newspaper here, as a blogger from Tunisia that honestly shares important information, and bravely does so under her own name and picture.

    I'm proud of you - the world would be a better place with more people like you. And I'm not gonna look away.

  9. I saw something about you and your work on TV. Great that you are courageous and that you write about everything that happens in your blog.
    There are lots of news about Tunisia on TV and they really try to show a lot and they try to show the truth. But it's also very good to read the blog of you, someone young, who undergoes this coming change!


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